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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is for people who are intending to study/work in countries where English is the language for communication.Its mandatory and its score is accepted by 130 countries across the globe.

Let’s assume you want to score band 8 in IELTS. How would you do that?

Here are the top 10 know how to crack IELTS exams with best techniques –

  1. Practice is the key when it comes to cracking reading and listening section. You can try listening to BBC talk and reading various editorials which can effectively transform your reading and listening skills and open a gateway to score high.
  2. When it comes to scoring in writing and speaking sections, you will have to apply different strategy altogether. Writing one essay a day is a must if you really want to hone your writing skills. However, improving on your speaking skills will require you to continuously speaking with clarity and no hesitation.
  3. You must record keywords while going through a passage. This will require a lot of practice and reading. Make sure that you get perfected in identifying the keywords easily.
  4. After completing a lesson, make it a habit to ask questions to yourself like, “What have I learnt today?” and then jot down the answers, making notes out of them. This will make you understand better and remember them easily in less time.
  5. When you come across an obscure word, make sure you look for its meaning instantly in a dictionary and note down its meaning. Keep doing this frequently and you will realize you have got a new and enriched word list which will improve your vocabulary sooner. After having this new vocabulary, ensure that you use them in your daily conversations/communication so that the words are imprinted in your memory permanently.
  6. Scoring well in grammar has a trick which you can apply easily. You must aim for shorter, error-free sentences. It’s better to have sentences with lesser mistakes rather than taking risk with complex sentences to score high.
  7. Include process diagram while giving your answers in writing section. This will add beauty to your answers and will make them more readable; easy to understand.
  8. Don’t ponder much when you are stuck at a question or you come across a difficult question. Answer all the easy questions first and then return to the skipped questions if you have time.
  9. Always end your answer with a short overview of your answer. Examiners like that, it becomes easier for them to examine if they see a summary of the whole content.
  10. While writing sentences, make sure you use passive voice.

Practice makes one perfect in these sections.But how do you get an opinion on your work? How do you know your essay is of the best quality and what you are speaking makes sense?

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